by Stan Bennett

by Stan Bennett

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Call me Preacherman. Or PM. Or since this is A Preacherman's Secrets, you could call me PMS.... Or you can call me Stan

I've been a minister all of my adult life since I was around twenty years old (I'm now in my fifties).  I was more than called... I was born and and raised for this job like John the Baptist. It's the only life I've known, but I'm leaving. I don't know what I'll do instead. I can't tell my wife, family, or close friends that I no longer believe as they do. And I can't wait another couple of decades to retire.

I'm not getting younger or stronger. If I don't act now, I won't be able to act at all.

But I have to act in deliberation. I must find my way out of this life and make a new one. What that new life will look like, I really don't know.

You're welcome to watch and comment as I make my way. 

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  1. Stan, After years of inward and outward searching, I have come to two important conclusions. #1. It is impossible for there "NOT" to be a God. And #2. It takes an absolute divine revelation to come to that conclusion. In other words, all the "proof" or evidence of God in the world has never made one believer. One only becomes a real believer when God draws him and gives him that divine revelation. I know, because I also was once a skeptic.

    1. One thing I know is that everyone has anecdotal, subjective experiences that can not be tested or proven. Further, the things that people "know" based on these anecdotal experiences are endlessly contradictory. And just as I would with a Muslim/JW/Hindu or a Scientologist... I call bullshit on you Anonymous. Making huge, dogmatic assertions based on the sinking sand of "divine revelation" is risky business.

    2. Dave, I didn't see this comment until just now. Sorry about that.

    3. Plato believed that God is "Absolute Being" and Aristotle believed that God is the "Unmoved Mover." Stan, I'd like to know if you believe those Gods exist. Many thanks.