by Stan Bennett

by Stan Bennett

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Which Battle to Fight?

I respect the efforts of my friends who speak against the stupidities of surrounding religious cultures, especially when they try to be fair and respectful of those of us who tried so hard and so long to believe.   

At this point, after having given up my faith so recently, I'm not ready to take part in that battle just yet, and maybe I never will.  I have had enough dealings with crazy, ignorant, arrogant, bullying, bullheaded, religious folk--I say let the mean ones go to the hell they're so fond of.  I no longer want to try to love, heal, repair, and sanitize them. I'm done with that.  

On the other hand. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sit on the sidelines, after knowing how much damage a sick religious body of people can do.  I want not only to leave the church, but I'd like to dismantle it completely. Of course, knowing how people love to create their golden calves to worship, I'm sure churches would spring right back up, but I can dream, can't I?

Perhaps we don't need to dismantle all the facilities, although it would give me great satisfaction.

I get so angry when I drive up and down the streets to see all the church buildings in the neighborhoods, locked up tight at night when homeless families huddle together in the cold, waiting to be first in line for the scraps of food the grocery store will throw out that morning.  All that empty space... and you know they keep it climate controlled to maintain the musical instruments, even if no one is there. 

Perhaps since schools have had to cut their art and music programs, why couldn't we turn these church assets into fine arts centers: studios, libraries and classrooms?  The salaries we pay church staff could pay the for teachers instead.  There would still be money left to feed hungry people.  

I used to burn with frustration as I walked up and down the halls of a church that spent (and I'm not kidding here) eighty thousand dollars on stain glass windows that weren't even pretty.  How many lunches could we have given out to hungry children with that money--we could have even paid people to make those lunches.  

GODDAMMIT FUCK IT ALL! I can't find a strong enough word here! 

Why have I been a part of this waste? I've shown my scorn, preached against it, but in the end I've gone right along with it.  I still am.  But one day soon....


  1. Not all churches are bad. I know of one in particular that puts the needs of others over the needs of their church. Of course, this church is also condemned because they are open and affirming in regards to LGBT folks.

  2. LOL! I just checked their web site and they have a big banner that says "This Wednesday, get your ASH in church." They have a pastor currently, but who knows? Here's their site:

    1. I've said it before. I just never printed it on a church website. :)